The Importance

Our Purificiation line includes a 100% pure essential oil blend created to cleanse your beard and skin. The Purification line is formulated with beard-loving components and the anti-microbial nature of the essential oils makes these especially beneficial to sensitive, combination and breakout prone skin. As beard hair differs greatly from the head hair; it is thicker, coarser, and more susceptible to contamination and environmental hazards, thus needing extra care.
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The Advantages

Beard hair, due to its thickness and curliness traps minute food particles and environmental contaminants, as well as droplets of mucus and saliva. The end result is a very fertile breeding ground for bacteria. Regular soap and shampoo are not as effective at cleansing thick beard hair as a specialised shampoo is. Most men use regular shampoo to wash their beards, and they are unaware it could be causing build-up and not purifying the hair as well as it should. Beard washes and soaps are some of the the most important products in the beard maintenance routine.


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