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The beard is one of the most raw and manliest things you can grow. However beard maintenance has become quite a complicated task over the years. At Beard Pharaoh we have created products to help you cut through the clutter of all the products that marketers are throwing at you and find out what you really need in order to have proper beard maintenance. From oil to beard combs and everything in between, we have what you need to make sure the investment in your beard exceeds your expectations.

Our Solutions

WThe natural sandalwood beard comb is the first introdution in our grooming tools product line. Our signature combs will help keep your beard under control and help evenly distribute the Pharaoh oils, balms and butters. This results in smooth, well groomed look. We will be introducing new products throughout the year so stay tuned.


Our comb is made from 100% Sandalwood and coated for a glossier look, which in turn prevents oils and balm mixtures from seeping into the comb which can make it softer, brittler and potentially easier to break in the long run.

We've used a lot of combs in the past and we decided the best type to use would be a wider tooth comb, this type of comb width is great for longer or shorter hair as it glides through the beard with ease, smoothing out all the knotted hairs for a balanced groomed look and prevents the unwanted tugging of beard hairs which you would normally get with a finer tooth comb. Also opting for the blunter tooth end which is less damaging to the hair and prevents scratching of your chin and neck, almost giving a massaging feel when you groom with it.


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