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Choosing a Barber Architech

Every man needs a reliable, skilled barber in his life. Having a regular barber will ensure that you get a consistent, sharp haircut with every visit.
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How To Condition Your Beard

While length can certainly help to make one's beard softer, don't expect the coarseness to change without a little bit of know-how.
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Butter -vs- Balm

With beard popularity booming over the past couple of years we have seen a huge increase in beard care products readily available on the market.
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5 Steps To Beard Growth

Don’t get discouraged if your beard is not growing as quickly as you like, just follow some of these five simple steps on how to grow a beard faster.
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The Proper Brush & Comb

So, do you want a comb? A brush? Both? There is a bit of nuance to the question, so lets find the answer.
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The Importance of Beard Oil

You need to make sure you look after your beard, and keep it well groomed. This means the use of beard oil is a must in your daily routine.
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The Upkeep

Growing a beard can be an expression of freedom, but it’s also a commitment. Beards don't take care of themselves any more than your fitness or health. They need some upkeep.
Get The Right Tools

Quick Tips

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01 Hands Off


Less touching,combing and brushing to help prevent breakage and stress to the hair.

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02 H2O


Everything needs water to grow. Stay hydrated throughout the day. For real!

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03 Diet


Protein is crucial. Mix it up with eggs, chicken and seafood.

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04 OIL


Use your Five Tribes Oil twice a day. That beard and skin need it.

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05 Butter


Follow up your oil with the Pharaoh Butter to keep it moisturized.

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06 Rest


Life requires balance and so does your beard. Make sure you're getting enough sleep. Even Kings need rest.

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